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Friday, February 10, 2006

The return of the binge blogger

So uh, been a good first week, Mr. Prime Minister? Garth Turner, former financial advice columnist and 1993 PC leadership race no-hoper, has a little blog of his own, and uhm, well, he's saying some interesting things on it that's getting a LOT of attention.

How long do you think until we see the formation of the new breakaway Democratic-Reform-Alliance-Conservative-Cascadia caucus? Bring back the Reform Party!

Do you think the ghost of Joe Clark is going to be visiting 24 Sussex in the next couple of weeks?
Oh wait, Joe Clark isn't dead. Still, you understand the metaphor, right?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What are all those pundits gonna do now?

Well uh, it's 24 hours later and erm...I don't know what...perceptive thing I could say that hasn't already been said by some other talking head guy. Kinda negates the need for a blog, I suppose.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Operation muzzle the kooks continues

"Just two more days, folks. Then y'all can say whatever y'all want!"

Friday, January 20, 2006


OK, so the no-hope Liberal candidate from Jonquiere who just yesterday gave up and told everyone to vote for the Conservative candidate has now decided to...re-enter the race. He's not quitting after all.

This whole stunt should really help his electoral chances.

OK, really...

what the fuck is this bullshit? Christ, you're the Liberals! You know, the party that's supposed to be experienced at this whole campaigning and winning elections thing?

The boners, they just keep on comin'...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

White flag

You know you're having a bad campaign when...

Who's coming to dinner tonight?


No Heritage Minister for you, Sam Bulte!

Those briefing books ready yet?

So, a month to day since my last post (my pathetic entry from three days ago doesn't count), and uh, I've probably lost the three readers that I had. I was lost at sea on a seal-clubbing expedition with my longtime buddy Rex Murphy...long story.... I'm tellin' ya, every time Rex and I get together, nothing but bad things happen. Seeing that the 'blogosphere' is so important, apparently, according to everything I've read, I've been remarkably remiss. Not much has changed in the ole election campaign, huh? Or maybe not. Maybe uh, some things have changed. If a day (or is it a week?) is a lifetime in politics, as the saying goes, than a month must be an...eternity.

I think an enterprising individual would be wise to register the domain name www.hirealiberalstaffer.ca

OK, I'm recycling here, but I wanted to repeat this line that I just wrote, I think it's so good, it needs to be re-typed once more. The following is a quote I attributed to our future Prime Minister in a (satirical) piece that I just authored, speaking in reference to the media's remarkably abrupt about-face and rampant bandwagon jumping towards he and his party lo these past two weeks:

"I think we're going to have to institute two-tiered health care just to take care of all these journalists' broken ankles."


Monday, January 16, 2006

The Liberals are still gonna win, right?

So uh, it's been about uhm, a month since I last posted an entry, which probably seems like a long time, seeing that we're in the middle of an election campaign and all.

So what have I missed?

Monday, December 19, 2005

The best Bolivian election, ever!

Did you know, the election is five weeks from today? Yup, five more weeks of...this. Since election campaigns are traditionally five weeks long, the campaign really should only be commencing today, so forget everything you've heard up to this point. I'm sure you'll have no trouble doing that.

Buford McGraw's insensitive observation of the day: watching Bolivian election highlights (man, you thought our debates were exciting, and who didn't, you should have seen the debate slugfest between Evo Morales and Jorge Quiroga - now that was political theatre!) But anyway, my question: how do Bolivian women get those bowler hats they all wear to stay on their head? They wear them so high up on their head, they're just teetering, like...uhm, like a...llama negotiating...an icy mountain pass.

That's all I got for Bolivian analogies, sorry.

Sunday night political football

In place of Desperate Housewives this evening, we present you with this special edition of Desperate President.

I guess I better be careful what I type - they might be watching me for being critical of the president.