Name:Buford McGraw

Monday, December 19, 2005

The best Bolivian election, ever!

Did you know, the election is five weeks from today? Yup, five more weeks of...this. Since election campaigns are traditionally five weeks long, the campaign really should only be commencing today, so forget everything you've heard up to this point. I'm sure you'll have no trouble doing that.

Buford McGraw's insensitive observation of the day: watching Bolivian election highlights (man, you thought our debates were exciting, and who didn't, you should have seen the debate slugfest between Evo Morales and Jorge Quiroga - now that was political theatre!) But anyway, my question: how do Bolivian women get those bowler hats they all wear to stay on their head? They wear them so high up on their head, they're just teetering, like...uhm, like a...llama icy mountain pass.

That's all I got for Bolivian analogies, sorry.


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