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Radical Poets Urge U.S. to Invade Iraq, Hold Pro-War Poetry Reading

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Radical Poets Urge U.S. to Invade Iraq, Hold Pro-War Poetry Readings Across Continent

An unidentified hawk poet/musician serenades the crowd at a Poets For War rally in San Francisco last weekend.

A group of fringe poets has joined together to announce their support for military action against Iraq.

Several chapters of the fledgling International Poets for War Collective held pro-war poetry readings over the weekend in various cities across the continent to express their sincere desire for a United States-led military invations of Saddam Hussein's Iraq and to counter the anti-war stance of more mainstream poetic organizations, such as Poets Against the War, and Poets REALLY Against the War.

Click here to listen to the godfathers of corporate protest music, Wounded Racoon Records recording artists the Brothers McGraw performing their 1999 anthem, The Neo-Conservative Folk Singer.

"Many of the organizations representing poets that you have seen on your television in recent weeks do not reflect the views of our collective," said Poets for War President Arn Fledgecliffe, a professional poet/yoga instructor from Churchill, Manitoba. "We are tired of poets speaking out as if all of us were one monolithic whole. There are a diversity of views in the world of poetry."

Fledgecliffe said that there are a surprising number of American and Canadian poets ("upwards of 0.2 per cent") who actually support U.S. military action against Iraq.

"I know of several neo-conservative war hawk poets who see the enlightenment that military conquest, law and order and the total elimination of the capital gains tax can bring to one's muse."

The hawk poets have something very important to say, according to Dr. Paula Quarantine, professor of fiscal poetry and literature at Simon Fraser University. "I'm not really sure what that is, but I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out," said Dr. Quarantine.

When informed of the Poets for War rallies held around the continent last night at his daily press briefing, the normally gruff U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld gave the group an enthusiastic thumbs up: "Now that's what I call art," said Rumsfeld, before adding:

"Saddam cannot be trusted; therefore, he's gotta be busted. Break it down."


A sampling of some of the poets from the Poets for War Collective, featuring many of North America's best-known hawk poets:


The wildly experimental free verse hawk poet Ernie Dubuque, of Quebec City has given corporate poetry seminars to some of Canada's biggest companies. He produced this poem for PFW's new quarterly journal, Might Makes Right:

Floating, floating, floating interest rates
A moon-kissed night, reading Report on Business
With all I have invested in Lockheed Martin,
The future of my family's nest egg
Demands Action

The problem with Self Interest?

The price of gas? You ask?
Fear not, I say, I have
enough bucks, to fill my Jeep


Poets For War member Bonnie Yakuboskie, of Billings, Montana, poet laureate of the local Denny's, read several of her poems, including this simple yet abrasive attack upon France, and its refusal to side with America over Iraq, at a PFW rally held in Fargo, North Dakota last night:

I laugh at France
A place where their leaders
Wear no pants

Nova Scotia hawk poet Marv Xerxes is perhaps the most authoritative hawk poet on his entire block. Xerxes, who yells his work at anyone who walks by his balcony, won a large round of applause at the Halifax chapter of Poets for War's 'Down with Appeasement' rally last night with this poem lampooning the Canadian government's perceived foot-dragging in the matter:

Ragging the Puck:
Prime Minister Get OFF the Fence
Commit our troops
Support the brave leadership of Blair and Bush,
Doing the right thing, not following, leading!

Loquacious blathering, dithering, ruminating,
Get on with it, man!
Raised defence spending
Lessens the burden
by getting those welfare bums away from my apartment's door.


Cut my Taxes, while you are at it too?