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Westmount NDP Candidate Confident He Won't Lose As Badly This Time

Westmount NDP Candidate Confident He Won't Lose As Badly This Time

"I'm gonna lose by 15,000 votes maximum this time around, I can feel it."

Westmount-Ville Marie NDP candidate Harvey Earnest-Granola is "really confident" that he will not be completely and mercilessly slaughtered at the polls in his wealthy central Montreal riding on January 23.

Based on his own polling of the riding, which has to date consisted of three ladies from the walking club down at the mall and a couple of door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen, Earnest-Granola is quite hopeful that things will be different this time around as opposed to last year's election, when he was also the party's candidate for the electoral district.

"Last time, (last year's election) I lost by like, about 18,00 votes, but this time, I'm gonna work my tail off. I'm going to be knocking on every door, I'm going to go out there and meet people, and dammit, I guarantee, there is no way I am gonna lose by 18,000 votes this time," said Earnest-Granola, an untenured politics lecturer at Concordia University. "There's no reason in the world why I can't lose this riding by any more than 14,000 votes, tops.

"Sure, most people whose doors I knock on have never really...heard of the NDP, so I've stopped asking them if I have their support, but it's a long campaign. I have to win over the people of Westmount one voter at a time," added the idealistic social democrat, a hopeful, pie-eyed grin permanently plastered on his face.

"Why, just today, for example, an elderly lady whose house I visited to actually took my campaign napkin, I mean, my pamphlet, and she said she'd read it."

Earnest-Granola has a long history of getting his ass beat like a drum in federal elections. In both the 1997 and 2000 elections, he was the party's sacrificial lamb, erm, candidate, against now-Prime Minister Paul Martin in the riding of Lasalle-Emard. He lost the two elections combined by 42,000 votes, unable to pull off an upset. But this time, he knows things will be better.

"I've been listening to my old Tony Robbins tapes, pumping myself up...I can feel it. I'm going to meet my goal of not getting completely annihilated this time around."

NDP national campaign director Gail McCripes says the party has definitely taken notice of Earnest-Granola's selfless commitment to his party. "Oh yes, that Harvey...he's a real glutton for punishment - much like all of our Quebec candidates," said McCripes. "We're expecting Harvey to go out there and run a really effective campaign, and who knows, he might lose by only 17,000 votes this time around.

"Go get 'em, Harvey."

A spokesperson for the incumbent Liberal candidate, Lucienne Robillard, wished Mr. Earnest-Granola "the best of luck."

Posted on December 6th, 2005

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