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Darfur Refugees Outraged Live 8 Concert Not in Toronto

Darfur Refugees Outraged Live 8 Concert Not in Toronto
A Darfur Refugee explains the incredible distance one would have travel if they lived in Toronto

Live 8 organizers shocked the world last week when they announced that the Canadian edition of the July 2 concert would be held in Barrie-a stunning one hour drive north of Toronto.

Those for whom the concert is supposed to be raising...awareness have expressed their sympathy for the poor, beleaguered Torontonians who will have to travel outside of the city to see Bryan Adams et al. churn out the crap this Saturday.

Speaking from one of the numerous UN camps set up in neighbouring Chad, dozens of malnourished survivors of the Sudanese government's genocidal rampage in the Darfur region expressed their outrage that the Canadian version of the pseudo-benefit concert will take place in Barrie, and not Toronto.

"These poor people will have to drive an hour north of the city, on a long weekend, to see the concert? I cannot believe this injustice to the residents of this majestic, world-class city. Think of all the lost souvenir sales for the city's merchants," said Amina Dilal, 22, whose entire extended family was slaughtered by janjaweed bandits during a bloody massacre earlier this year in her village.

"Why, I can't believe that the concert is not being held in Toronto," added Gabriel Mulanga, another Darfur refugee who has not had access to potable drinking water or adequate sanitation in nearly a year. "It just doesn't make sense. What is the point of even having the concert? Nobody will be made aware of the fact that 30,000 children around the world die every day die from extreme poverty if the concert's not held in Toronto."

"It just doesn't make sense" says Gabriel Mulanga

Camp resident Bahir Kabour was more optimistic, however, that the show will succeed in raising awareness of African poverty and suffering, regardless of its location.

"Sure, theses concerts will raise no money, but really, what can money do? I know for certain that when the crowd in Barrie sees (Motley Crue drummer) Tommy Lee grabbing a video camera and asking the women in the crowd to show off their titties this Saturday, it will raise African debt relief in the public consciousness to new heights.

"And Celine Dion has done so much to fight global poverty and alleviate third world debt. Oh, how I wish I could see her phoned-in performance."

Posted on June 28th, 2005



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