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Prince Harry Urged to Resign After Nazi Photo Shocker

Prince Harry Urged to Resign After Nazi Photo Shocker

A leading British cabinet minister has called for Prince Harry to resign as Prince. The demand comes after a photograph surfaced last week of Harry dressed in a nazi uniform.

"The only right thing for him to do is to step down," said Basil Codswallop, Undersecretary for the Home Office's Exchequer and Deputy Secretary to the Vice-Lord's Privy.

Harry was attending a ?colonial' themed party at a friend's estate last week when he was photographed in a South African nazi uniform, complete with swastika armband. "It was all a bit of a laugh, right?" said an attendee at the party, who asked to remain nameless. "That Harry was right knackered, he was."

A poll in the UK's most-read paper, the tabloid Sun, indicates that 74 per cent of Sun readers also think Prince Harry should resign. 58 per cent think he shouldn't resign, and 36 per cent love big tits.

Harry, or, "the ugly one," is third in line to the Canadian throne after his father, Prince Charles, and his brother, Prince William. He won the title of Prince after a heated 1999 election in which he defeated three other candidates vying for the title of Prince of the United Kingdom, and her subjugate states.

The nazi uniform imbroglio is just the latest in a series of gaffes for the 20-year-old Prince, who was involved in a widely publicized fracas with photographers outside a London pub in October of last year. Prince Harry also had to leave a "working" vacation ahead of schedule last year at an Argentinian polo farm after numerous allegations of drunken carousing and brawling; he was accused by his art teacher of cheating on a finishing exam at Eton, the prestigious private school from which he barely graduated; and he is supposedly dating a 19-year-old woman whose daddy is bestest of buddies with Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe.

Aside from that, everything's going just great for the Prince on the PR front.

In a somewhat prepared statement released last night, Harry sort of apologized for his fascist get-up. "Look, in the unlikely event that I actually offended someone with my nazi outfit, I uhm, uh, I'm very sorry. And until next time I do something incredibly dumb, I'll remain sorry, upon which I'll have to...say something about being sorry...again.

"It's all a bit of a cock-up, innit?" concluded the Prince.

Prince Charles was quick to defend his erstwhile son. "Come on now, our Harry might be as dim as an Irishman, but he's a good man," said Philip, who insisted that his son would not resign. "He helped fill up boxes for tsunami survivors for 15 whole minutes last week down at the Red Cross office, but did anyone report on that? I mean, aside from every newspaper and television reporter in the country, did anyone report on that? He's a good young man. Let him be."

Posted on January 15th, 2005



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