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The Top 6 News Stories in Smiths Falls, 2004

Every self-respecting news organization worth its salt has to have a year-end list about the top something or other of the year. We here at are no exception. Uh, here it is:

Tim Hortons on Highway 15 runs out of Maple Glazed for 11 minutes was first on the scene as the violence broke out during the 11 minute donut shortage at the west-end Tim's back in April. Actually, many would say we were inciting the violence, but that's for the courts to decide.

Stray dog in parking lot

April was a crazy month here in the Falls. At the same time as the above-mentioned Maple Glazed crisis, our reporters were also first on the scene when a stray dog was spotted in the Walmart parking lot across the street. The stray dog managed to find its way to safety before it could be captured and eaten by the angry, donut-deprived hordes.

Nothin' much

There was a lot of this.

That smell.

This one makes into our top five Smiths Falls news stories for the sixth consecutive year. Look for it to make the 2005 list as well.

Dave McGraw goes entire calendar year without getting arrested once, even accidentally

This was quite possibly the most shocking news item of the year in our town. Dave started off 2005 in more traditional fashion, however, getting arrested for drunk and disorderly at precisely 12:02 AM local time on January 1. There's the Dave we've come to know and love! Don't worry, Dave, that bail's coming soon!

Discount Beer Price Wars

Sweet Jesus! A buck a beer? Did somebody put us all in a time warp back to the 70's? (That would explain the fashions here in town). A shout out to Lakeport brewery, who was single-handedly responsible for quadrupling Smiths Falls' Gross Domestic Product this year. Pabt Blue Ribbon, can you go lower? Do we hear 15 bucks a case?

Forget peace on earth, here's hoping that this war is a hundred years long! Like...the hundred years war.

Posted on January 1st, 2005



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