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I'm Really Autistic

by Timmy Wilmington

I'm Really Autistic
Timmy Wilmington

Y'know, I'm really into aut. Like, I really dig it and stuff. It's like, so cool. I guess you could say I'm autistic. Aut has been a passion of mine from a very, very early age. My momma even told me that that was one of the first things the doctor said about me when I was just a little bitty baby. She said the doctor told her that I'm real autistic, which of course makes me real talented at aut and doing all kinds of autty things.

I bet I would make a real good professional autist. You should see some of the paintings I've done. My dad says he's going to get me my own aut exhibit. My specialty is red dinosaurs, which is my specialty. Oh sure, I could paint other stuff, but that's what I like punching, I mean, painting best. It's my favourite type of aut in the whole wide world.

But just because I'm into aut doesn't mean I'm some kind of fairy or something. It's not like aut is the only thing I think about-I don't talk about aut with my buddies. They really don't care too much about aut like I do. I'm still a real man who likes to hang out with my friends and talk about the Bruins and the Patriots, and my most favourite team in the world, the Red Sox, especially cause they have red in their name. I only wish they had dinosaurs on their uniforms. That would look so autistic!!!!

The word aut means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It is a term which is….very difficult to define. When a lot of people think about aut and autists, they think about modern aut and cubism and pop aut and crap, like Picasso and Andy Wauhol and other non-red dinosaur aut. For me, that's not aut.

I went to the Boston Museum of Aut downtown and I saw some of the stuff in there, like a painting called 'Voice of Fire' by Bauhnett Newman, which looks like a flag of some country you've never heard of or something. I mean, it's incredible the kind of so-called aut they put on display-stuff that my four-year old could do. (Who, by the way, is also very autistic-I'm even gonna send him to the Boston School for Autistic Children next year. Our family definitely has the autist gene!)

Anyway, that's all I gotta write about aut for now, cause I gotta get back to my easel. I gotta keep making my aut and maybe someday be a famous autist who'll you see on all the aut T.V. shows and in all the books about autistic styles. I'll be the Noaman Rockwell of red dinosaur aut!

Posted on August 24th, 2001



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