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All Ages Concert Reviews

by Jessica Labelle

All Ages Concert Reviews
Jessica Labelle

June 24- Weightlifter Government at Wally's Hangout
Didn't really see much of the show, but the final two songs that I did see were pretty cool. I couldn't really understand what the singer was saying, but the guitar player is a total hotty and I really like the colour of his guitar-sort of a robin's eggshell blue. I missed most of the show because I ran into my old boyfriend and we were…..talking down in the basement. (Again, thanks to Wally for letting us go down there)

June 28- The Discreet Donkeys and Fried Scrapper at the Hairy Pit
Whoa, like these guys are like, way too political for me. Everything is about politics and starving babies and nuclear weapons and poverty for these guys. Memo to Discreet Donkeys: Take a bath, have a beer and lighten up. And enough with the "straight edge or die" stuff! Geez! This was a totally lame show that was no fun at all. And the bands wouldn't even let the kids mosh, even though they're playing like this hyper aggressive music. What a bunch of punk rock dorks. "Someone's going to get hurt!" I don't know what my boyfriend sees in these guys. But the drummer from Fried Scrapper is totally the babe of the century, even though I've never seen him smile. Maybe that's what makes him so sexy.

July 1- Fried Chicken Funk, Eric and the Shreddies and Marsden at Cenotaph Square
This was a public outdoor Canada Day concert that was pretty cool, although I made a point of skipping Eric and the Shreddies, who played a lot of really bad Tragically Hip covers last time I saw them two years ago. Fried Chicken Funk were really fun, and my friends Callum and Travis are in that band, so I got to hang out with them after the show and I got to come up on stage before their set and tell the crowd about the local music zine that I started. I even passed around a few free copies and people really seemed to like it. I dropped acid right before Marsden played, and their set was awesome. It was so cool and mellow, but also kind of angry…..I swear, I could see the music as it came out of their instruments. And Marsden's singer is one of the finest looking males I have ever seen. When he took his shirt off….I swear, it's a good thing I didn't take Extasy like I was going to, or I would have jumped him right on stage.

July ??- Thought Contras and some other band at some bar
I hadn't really fully recovered from all the stuff I did on Canada Day when I went to this show, so I can't really remember all that much about this one. My little brother really likes the Thought Contras, so they probably suck, although when I looked at my brother's demo tape cover, they're all pretty cute, especially the one on the left.

Jessica Labelle is a 17-year-old local music fan who publishes Stuck in the Suburbs; a zine dedicated to the local music scene. She plans to study Rock Journalism in university.

Posted on July 13th, 2001



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