A member of 'Homeless for Harper' lets passersby know who he supports in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside yesterday.

Several residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside neighbourhood spoke out in glowing approval of the Conservative Party's tax platform today.

"We strongly support the Conservative Party's 25 per cent tax cut," said Noreen Baxter, a representative from a newly formed pressure group calling itself 'Homeless for Harper.'

"For someone with my income, these cuts represent another…31 cents a year, according to my calculations. That's 31 cents I can use as I see fit," enthused Baxter, a 14-year resident of the Downtown Eastside, widely seen as the poorest neighbourhood in Canada. "If only I had an address-then I'd definitely vote for those Conservative guys."

"Yeah, these tax cuts will definitely free up enough scratch for me to get a new refrigerator box to sleep in," predicted Malcom Ogrodnick, Media Relations Director of Homeless for Harper. "Maybe with reinforced cardboard. Woo...that'll be sweet."

Neither Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, nor the local Conservative candidate, were on hand for the media event, as they were "double booked," but they did send a letter to the organization congratulating them on India's independence.